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St. Germain Radio Show

Channeled by Brigitte Boyea with celestial music by Mike Snyder, Oneness Blessing by Mark & Christi

Tues 8:00 PM EST, Next show Sept 13

Brigitte Boyea

Brigitte Boyea, born and raised in Germany and living in the USA since 1994, has been an intuitive healer all her life. Having completed extensive training in many different healing modalities, Brigitte offers effective tools of self empowerment and self-realization to assist her clients in their individual healing processes.  Maintaining a continuous connection to the Divine Hierarchy of Light, her readings and healing sessions are always supervised by the presence of Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Love and Light.  Working primarily with St. Germain and his violet flame as well as Archangel Michael as her guides and teachers, Brigitte’s messages offer a deeper clarity and understanding of life circumstances and one’s role in them.  Clients leave her classes and sessions empowered and ready to make choices that will unleash great transformational forces affecting every aspect of their lives.  As an individual you will experience healing and rejuvenation while receiving the guidance necessary to realize a life filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.  Brigitte offers her services and ongoing classes out of her Center for Transformation in Clinton, NJ and is also available for phone sessions upon request.

You can find more information about her on her website at www.lightbridge101.com.

Mike Snyder

Mike Snyder produces soothing tones and melodies to provide a relaxing atmosphere of sound and vibration for his individual clients and group meditations. Mike is able to channel music intuitively when working on an individual or playing for a group. He produces the “sound of the moment” so to speak as he will play music that directly reflects what is happening energetically in the current point in time. Most of his individual and group sessions start out with regular random piano notes played rapidly until the individual or group starts to get into a deeper state of relaxation, and consciousness. Mike then gradually moves into slower and more intense melodies using different pleasing sounds and instruments on his keyboard. The music can help to slow down thought processes and clear the mind. It also helps guide everyone into their higher state of consciousness where some very powerful healing can occur. While listening to Mike’s music during a meditation, many people have reported experiences of going on their own “inner journey” where they would see different kinds of images, develop new thoughts and ideas, and even conduct mind conversations with their own spirit guides. The main purpose of Mike’s work is to help others to unwind, relax and encourage self healing through the sound of music and peacefulness of meditation.

My Website  http://www.mikesnydercc.com


In the Arms of the Angels with Connie McNeil, PhD

Thursday 8:00 PM EST, Next show Sept 15 (New night)

This hour long show is an invitation to stop and reflect on the angelic presence that surrounds us. I am a licensed clinical psychologist using spiritual insight to ease daily struggles and bring clarity to life decisions. The angels love us! Are readily available to us! Want to be involved in our lives!
This show will demystify the angels. Who they are, how they communicate with us, how they offer guidance and support.
In the second half of the hour, you are invited to call to receive an angel card reading.  Please join me for an informative and inspirational time In the Arms of the Angels.

Divine Practice with Christi & Mark

Thursday 8:00 PM EST, Next show Sept 22

Christi and MarkJoin Christi & Mark each month as we explore the nature of the Divine in our everyday lives.  

For our next show, Divine Practice will talk with our friend from up north Christy Willoughan and her exciting new business called Snuggling Hearts located in Duncan, BC.



Snuggling Hearts offers a nurturing embrace in a safe environment to meet human need of feeling heard, loved and cared for.  

Christy Willoughan is a soft person to share love with. She has a background in nursing and the healing arts of spiritual care through life transitions. Christy knows when to reach out and when to allow for space. She specializes in creating a safe space for clients to relax and open to vulnerable acceptance as she listens empathetically and shares her heart naturally.

To find out more go to her website by clicking on this link!!!


If you want to email Mark and Christi please do so, we would love to hear from you-  info@divinepractice.com

Spiritual Connections Radio Email: info@spiritualconnectionsradio.com or Call 682-233-4775

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